Tuesday, August 6, 2013

noa- ~ mounts of ash, time passes, and a sakura ~

noa- is one of the most talented artists working in the bay area today. His style and technique are distinctly his own, utilizing a mix of traditional japanese influences with bay area cultural elements, including hip hop, cannibis, and street art.

He does live painting at so many bay area events during the year, it would be easy to take him and his work for granted. Especially because he seems to create his work effortlessly, kinda flowing out of him. But when the work is done, and you step back to see it, you realize what a master of his craft the guy is. I've know noa- for some years now, and he still amazes me with his art.

thelastcat: I know you now call Oakland home, but how long have you been in the bay area now?

noa-: More than 10 years.

thelastcat: And how long have you been working in the art scene out here?

noa-: About 5 years.

thelastcat: Tell me about the long pieces in the show, the 'good time passes' pieces.

noa-: I was trying to capture the quickness of how good times pass, how they surround me and pass quickly.

thelastcat: Tell me about your sakura piece, I really love use of the petals in it.

noa-: It was inspired by a cherry blossom I saw in Japan with my love.

thelastcat: We have three pieces from your mount of ash series in the show. I think the method you used in making them is one of the coolest aspects of them, can you talk about that?

noa-: All of the pieces are drawn with ash from my days of smoking cannabis either by myself or with my friends. All the themes of the pieces are inspired with a word or slang term from cannabis culture.

noa- 's work can now be seen at The Arsenal in San Jose, or online at:
His Mount of Ash zine and sticker/button packs are also available at The Arsenal, as well as online at thelastcat.com

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