Monday, August 5, 2013

Jonathan Gregg - Armed trilobites - pen on paper

Jonathan Gregg's art invites you to stare.
As you look deeper into them, you can see the level of skill and patience applied in the details.

Each dot has its place, and each dot has its mirror across the page.
Jon was raised in the central coast area of California, and has been in San Francisco since 2005.
I asked him a little about his work, to try and get some background on his style, subject matter, and attitude towards these pieces.

thelastcat: So tell me about your work, why the trilobites?

Jon Gregg: I've always been really into insects, especially beetles, so the love for trilobites just came about over time. Exoskeletons are just the best thing ever, I wish I had one. All the built in battle gear is a really good look, they lucked out. I tend to draw the trilobites surrounded by weapons or tools, which I feel came from setting up my G.I. Joes as a a kids with tons of weaponry at their grasp.

thelastcat: Tell me about the paper you used for these pieces, they seem like old vintage graph pages.

Jon Gregg: Being a lightweight hoarder, I gather a lot of art materials at flea markets, thrift store, and estate sales. Its a favorite pastime. Old supplies pair well with ancient subject matter.

the last cat: Who are some artists that have influenced you, or even any influences for that matter?

Jon Gregg: Favorite artists would be Brian Froud, Lebbeus Woods, Alex Kopps, and Aaron Horkey. Things that influence me are insects, fossils, 80's toys, earth tones, Sade, and old Mobb Deep.

Jonathan Gregg's work can be seen right now at The Arsenal gallery in San Jose, or online at:

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