Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 2014...

End of the year, and we've got a ton of Deth P. Sun art up online, some new tshirts coming, and a few prints from the Future Colors Of America crew.
Buy a gift for someone, or buy yourself a gift.

Monday, August 25, 2014

SF Mixtape ~ a group art show

The show has come and gone. The day seemed to go so fast, which is strange considering there was about 143 pieces to get up on the mobile walls, and that it was a 7 hour event. Lots of good people came out, and if I talked to you at thelastcat table, thank you for listening and for being there. And to everyone who came out that I didn't talk to, thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed the show. Because I was so busy at the table (I completely underestimated how busy i'd be), I didn't get to take the amount of pictures I'd have liked. Alas... However, here are a few pics some friends took. Some select pieces from the show will be making their way online this week as well, definitely check it out.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

SF mixtape - a group art show - August 8th, 2014 @ 111 Minna gallery

Happy to announce the upcoming show, SF mixtape - a group art show.
A talented bunch of artists, music by some great DJs, and some tables with some awesome stuff for sale.
Save the date.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A thursday in June - Snapbacks, shirts, zines, prints, and stickers

It took longer than I planned, but the long awaited store update is here.

There's Deth P. Sun shirts, as well as some extremely limited zip hoodies as well. The image used is from two pages of his zine, When Night Comes. For me, these 2 pages spoke volumes in terms of storytelling, mood, technique, and overall DethPSun-ness. I immediately fell in love with these 2 pages, and I wanted to join them together, and try and create the darkest Deth shirt I could. The red on black made sense, and I'm extremely pleased how it came out. The zip hoody was a shout out to the zine, with both images separated while unzipped, and coming together zipped. Shirts are $25, zip hoodies are $45.

The logo snapback came out better than I could have imagined. The embroidered logo sits center on a black Yupoong classic snapback. They've got a green underbill, and are all tagged with thelastcat tags.
$30 each.

Aaron Jupin is a young artist out of Los Angeles. I first learned of him through the magic of Instagram. His art finds a middle ground between abstract and cartoon, blending new and old, and creating an entirely new artistic entity. I was able to get a few of his latest zine, which are all hand screenprinted. Behind the Cartoon Curtain is 10 pages of looking at the cartoon backgrounds we take for granted, through the artistic lens of Aaron Jupin. $15 each, edition of 30.

Akari Tachibana is a close friend and extremely talented young lady. While her main artistic field is fashion, her drawings and paintings that derive from her work are art pieces in themselves.
Three of her drawings have been made into screenprinted vinyl stickers. High quality, long lasting, and beautifully detailed, you can have all 3 for just $3.

Lastly, we've got some Zachary Sweet prints for sale. Zachary Sweet hails from the bay area, and is one of the hardest working artists out here. Constantly cranking out high quality art, his imagination knows no limits, and seems to flow freely and effortlessly from his head to his hand to the paper.
Four drawings of his have been made into giclee prints, and can now be purchased on the site.
Only $10 each, these offer a nice glimpse into the strange imagination of  Zachary, and reveal his humor, his talent, his technique, and his dedication to his art.

And thats today store update. There will be alot more coming in the next few weeks. Original art, prints, a special summer shirt, and in August, the annual TheLastCat event. More details coming.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Deth P. Sun and Ferris Plock coming up.

It took a little longer than I'd hoped, but the first batch of 2014 will be here soon.
Sorry about the delay, had some things going on!
The website will be getting a new look, theres going to be ton of new zines, artwork, stickers, shirts and hats going up in the next week.
And I'm extremely happy to bring two new shirts to The Last Cat from two good friends, Ferris Plock and Deth P. Sun.
Both are bay area artists, both are pretty awesome dudes, and both are two of the most talented artists working out there today. These guys are pros, they've been doing this for awhile, and I'm honored that they've let me work with them to get these done.
We've got the Ferris Plock Garphyn shirt, in two color ways, burnt orange on athletic blue, and maroon on athletic grey. Both shirts are triblends, very soft and comfortable. Heres AK rocking the blue shirt.

And then theres the Deth P. Sun's When Night Comes shirt. Taken from two pages of his zine of the same name, its printed in blood red on black. I wanted to make the darkest Deth P. Sun shirt I could, and I think I did pretty well. Theres also a zip hoody version of this as well, but its very limited, so we'll see if I offer it up for sale or not.
Heres AK wearing it.

And as I mentioned, there will be a lot of art and zines coming up online too, from artists including Brendan Monroe, Joe To, Albert Reyes, Aiyana Udesen, Aaron Martinez, Jonathan Gregg, Evah Fan, Matt Furie, and more. Stay tuned.