Saturday, April 27, 2013

update coming soon

Been spending time in Columbia with Bioshock Infinite lately, but I finished the game, so the next update is coming soon...
Sorry ladies, women vnecks are running low. Out of stock on some sizes.
The crewneck has been in demand lately too, and we will be completely out very soon.
If you've been wanting one, I suggest getting it now.
In other news, theres this:


I wish we saw more guys signing like this. I always thought it was a big black woman who sang this. And I love how the backup singers are so on it with their pointing.
Enjoy the weekend, check back soon for ART (finally).

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Shirts Up - Joe To, Albert Reyes, Aiyana Udesen, Deth P. Sun

New shirts up today:

the Girl & the Wolf - Future Colors Of America (albert reyes & aiyana udesen)
Scooter Girls - Joe To
the Kirin - Deth P. Sun

And also got some cool leather buttons up, a collab with Joe Wu of DHLW.
Check out the shirts, and we'll have some more product photos this week of them.