Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Product Batch #1 on the way

There's been some teases/leaks for Product Batch #1 on instagram and tumblr, and we're getting pretty close to its release.
There are a couple shirts, some art prints and originals, and a collaboration with a good friend.

Coming up we've got:
Joe To - 
Albert Reyes -
Aiyana Udesen -
and Deth P. Sun -

If you don't know these artists already, definitely check them out. They're all talented, wonderful people.
Hoping to get a few more things in on this batch, but we'll see if it makes it.
Look for this all to drop within the next two weeks.
And theres a facebook page now, cause, you know, you gotta have a facebook page I guess.
Finally, heres a peek at that collab I mentioned. My good friend Joe Wu has a company, DHLW, specializing in custom leather goods. This is just the first collab, some cool leather buttons.
Pretty sweet, huh?

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